Maayong Adlaw...

... and a friendly welcome

As hotel manager I have a hectic workdays that involves communicating with our staff and you as our valued guest. In my work I try to observe how well things are going and make necessary improvements in the facilities or staff and am in charge of all hotel operations.

Our staff and me we are one team. I provide them with support and guidance and assist with their duties where needed.

Rather, I actively check the daily grounds to make sure everything is functioning well and no repairs are needed to make you feel like at home. It's also my duty to ensure that our exterior and interior is being well maintained.

As a small hotel we do not have a cast of thousands. I don't spend the entire workday sitting in an office, so I help out wherever needed, sometimes taking reservations, seating guests in our restaurant and checking guests in.

Between the time you will arrive up to the moment you will leave us, it is my pleasure to make sure that you relax and enjoy everything that CITI Hotel Hilongos has to offer, to ensure that you will leave refreshed and stress-free and will meet us next time.

Therefore I am proud to welcome you as one of our guest in our hotel.

Almapher C. Nerves
Hotel Manager