CITI Food Menu

Life is Too Short For Average Food!

National & International Beef Viandes

Filipino Beef Estopado  - 295,00
Tip roasted chunks of boneless Beef Sirloin, fried in virgin olive oil, refined in the skillet sweet soya & vinegar sauce, cooked until done, cloves of garlic, onions, sliced carrots and small peeled potatoes

Pinoy Stir Fried Beef  - 295,00
Thinly sliced Beef Sirloin, prepared in Oyster Sauce & deglazing with white wine, cornstarch, strips of bell pepper, topped with ground black pepper, chilli

Beef Tapa - 295,00
Thinly sliced Beef Sirloin, brown fried, pickled in a combine marinade of vinegar, soy sauce, white sugar, ground black pepper, minced head garlic

Arroz à la Cubana - 295,00
Ground beef & pork, raisins, light soy & Worcestershire sauce, fried eggs & banana (saba), green peas & yellow onions, minced garlic & topped with ground black pepper

Beef Kare - Kare - 295,00
Beef sirloin cut, sprinkeled with crushed peanuts, cooked in atsuete oil, peanut butter, sauté garlic, golden brown onions & selected vegetables

Juicy Broccoli Beef - 295,00
Chinese-American classic, flavored in a combine marinade of oyster & soy sauce & a breath of orange zest, with blanched broccoli, deglazed with chicken broth

New Fashioned Beef Stew - 350,00
Boneless chuck roast gently cooked in Worchestershire sauce & tomato paste enreached with red wine, peeled carrots, russet potatoes, clove of garlic, dried rosemary & thyme

Beef Goulash - 295,00
Preferably chuck of a good braising steak, fried with hot smoked paprika, chopped tomatoes, green, red and yellow pepper, in tomato purée with a taste of red wine & freshly ground black pepper

Thai Beef Curry - 295,00
Braised beef with yellow onion in selected Thai-style seasonings finished in a Chilli - Curry Sauce & unsweetened coconut milk, with finely grated freh ginger

Zesty Korean Beef Bulgogi - 295,00
Beef steamed in a tasty soy- oyster sauce, finished in sesame oil, with chilli pepper, blended with rice wine vinegar, ginger and added sesame seeds

Viande à la CHRIS Beef Salpicao - 295,00
Tenderloin Beef pickled & flavored in Mushroom & Gravy Sauce, Worcestershire Sauce & Lemon Gras, topped with ground black pepper

Pork Specialities & Gourmet Experiences

Pork & Chicken Adobo Signatured Filipino Dish - 295,00
Chopped pork belly & sliced chicken, fried golden brown in an oyster soy sauce with brown sugar, slightly crushed garlic, bay leaves & whole peppercorn

Pochero à la Plaridel - 275,00
Mixed pork belly & braised beef stew, with a delicious vegetable mix of pechay, beans, sweet potato, banana (saba), repolyo seasoned to taste

Filipino Pork Estopado - 295,00
Bite-sized pork cuts & sliced plantain banana (saba), fried in a brew of minced garlic cloves, soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar & whole peppercorns, topped with bay leaves

Stir-fryed Pork & Baby Corn - 275,00
Stripes of pork fillet, crushed garlic cloves, mushrooms, beans, stalk of shallots, culinary refined in the skillet with a stock of virgin olive oil & chilli paste, fish & soy sauce

Bicol Express - 275,00
Diced pork belly, simmered in coconut cream with seeded and sliced chili pepper, fresh alamang (tiny shrimps), minced garlic cloves & onions

Stir-Fry Pork & Broccoli - 275,00
Lean boneless pork, broccoli cuts, chestnuts & sliced onions, grated fresh ginger, simmered in a chicken broth with dry sherry, soy sauce, crushed red pepper

Pork Sweet and Sour - 275,00
Tenderloin pork, marinaded in lightly beaten egg white, fried in a stock of pineapple juice, ketchup, dark soy sauce, sugar & vinegar, served with carots, green & red bell pepper

Bagnet Paksiw Ilocano Lechon Kawali - 295,00
Deep fried pork belly brined with kamatis and lasuna (garlic) with bagoong nga munamon (fermented anchovies) before submerged in very hot cooking oil. A real mouth-watering dish.

Authentic Filipino Pork Binagoongan - 275,00
Tender cooked cubed pork in vinegar & dried bay leaves, served with sauté garlic, onion, tomato, banana pepper, jalapeño & long chili pepper simmered in shrimp paste

Japanese Pork Cutlet Tonkatsu - 275,00
Tasty pork chop with shredded cabbage & panko (Japanese breadcrumbs)

Grilled American Spare Ribs - 350,00
Cranberry & Cola-Glazed Babyback Ribs, pickled in a combine marinade of red wine vinegar, soy sauce, brown sugar, creole mustard, ground black pepper & cloves garlic

Fresh Fish & Exquisite Seafood

Fish Medallions - 350,00
Selected Fish Medallion topped with an ambrosial marinade & extra-virgin olive oil. The somewhat counterintuitive combination of Dijon mustard, orange juice and soy sauce adds a degree of richness and tang

Cracker-Crusted Fish Fillet - 275,00
Golden brown pan-fried day fresh Fish Fillet, dredged with flour & flipped in an egg wash mixture dip, topped with wild onions

Shrimp Kare-Kare - 350,00
Trimmed & drained shrimps, sprinkeled with crushed peanuts, cooked in atsuete oil, sauté garlic, golden brown onions, selected vegetables, annatto seeds & bagoong

Sweet & Sour Fish - 275,00
Fresh-caught deep-fried fish, combined with pineapple juice, ketchup, sugar & saute onion, red bell pepper, green bell pepper

Asian Shrimp à la Cone - 50.00 per piece
Stir-fried pork chunks, prepared in a stock of soy & oyster sauce, minced garlic clove, green onions, raw, peeled and deveined shrimps turned in a slightly beaten egg paste

Filipino Fish Tausi - 275,00
Sliced Fresh-caught deep-fried fish, with black fermented soybeans (Douchi), minced garlic cloves, chopped tomatoes, green & red bell pepper, stalks of green onion

Mixed Seafood in Coconut Milk Catalan Delicacy - 295,00
A fine selection of mixed seafood, fish, shrimps, squid, tahong, simmered in a broth of coconut milk, bagoong, alamang, chopped onions & minced garlic, with a selection of dried Thai chili & ground black pepper

Adobong Pusit sweet & spicy - 250,00
Fresh squid tender sauté in a broth of crushed garlic cloves, diced onion & tomato, korean chili garlic sauce, Kecap Manis, brown sugar & ground pepper, topped with bay leaf. A menu that tickles your taste buds

Calamares szesty slightly spicy - 295,00
Deep-fried sliced squid rings, dipped in egg wash, rolled in a spicy starch mixture of white pepper, garlic & onion powder, topped with bread crumbs

Steamed fish with ginger & lemon grass - 395,00
Scaled, cleaned and gutted baby snapper, topped with lemon grass stem, green shallots, with a delicious soy garlic sauce, enreached with peanut oil & selected spices

CITI Kinilaw with crispy pork - 350,00
Diced fish cubes in vinegar, coconut milk extract, calamansi, onions, radish, cucumber, pepper, ginger, spring onions, red eggs, mixed with crispy fried pork belly

Chicken - Culinary Delights

Tuscan Chicken Stew Italian Style - 295,00
Skinless chicken thighs marinaded in Worestershire sauce, olive oil, dry white wine, thinly sliced yellow onion & green pepper, minced garlic cloves, peeled tomatoes, mush- rooms & carrots, beans, seasoned by herbs of the Tuscany

Crispy-Skinned Chicken à l’Orange - 195,00
Chicken breast halves made in a saute pan, prepared topped with an orange marmalade & sliced green onions & almond glaze

Marinated Chicken Teriyaki - 250,00
Boneless chicken breast, marinated in a dip of pineapple juice, soy sauce, white wine, brown sugar, garlic, ground black pepper & sesame seeds

Garlic Buttered Chicken - 195,00
Crumbed chicken cubes stir-fried in virgin olive oil with minced garlic & lemon gras

Hawaiian Pineapple Chicken - 195,00
Assorted chicken pieces, breast, thigh, wing & drumstick topped by a delicious Worcestershire-ketchup-sauce with crushed pineapple, brown sugar & soy sauce

Chicken Thai Red Curry - 225,00
Chicken thigh topped with a chicken stock of coconut milk, lemon grass, purple onions, ginger, potatoes, brown sugar, garlic cloves, tomato puree, ground cumin & coriander

Chicken Squares - 35.00 per piece
Puff pastry, filled with delicious cubed cooked chicken, ham & softened cream cheese, artfully seasoned with chopped pimento & green onions, brush with butter & sprinkle with bread crumbs

Chicken Lollipop Traditional Indian Dish - 50.00 per piece
Panko bread crumbed chicken legs, flavored with selected condiments with a slightly calamansi note. Not a hard time encouraging somebody to finish his meal

Chicken Sweet and Sour Malayan style - 190,00
Deep-fried boneless & skinless chicken, crumbed in flour & baking soda, coming with a delicious fried-tomato-plum-and-chilli gravy, with Worcestershire & oyster flovor

American-Style Buffalo Chicken Wings - 30.00 per piece
Deep fried hot chicken wings marinaded & crumbed in a delicious dip of lemon juice, flour, paprika, cayenne pepper, hot sauce 30.00 per piece

Malayan Fried Chicken - 35.00 per piece
Assorted chicken pieces, breast, thigh, wing & drumstick, turned to coat in a marinade of chopped garlic, oyster sauce & curry powder. Everybody hanker after this dish

Snacks & Short Orders

Siu Mai Mami - 59,00
Tender and mouth-watering Siu Mai balls, topped on a bowl of steaming hot egg flavored noodles, served with real chicken or pork broth, added with crisp Pechay leaves & spring onion, fine seasoned with sesame oil. Ask for additional seasoning with Spicy Bean Sauce for spicy flavor

Chicken Mami - 59,00
Mouth-watering chicken thigh fillet slices, topped on a bowl of steaming hot egg flavored noodles, served with real chicken or pork broth, added with crisp Pechay leaves & spring onion, fine seasoned with sesame oil. Ask for additional seasoning with Spicy Bean Sauce for spicy flavor

Royal Beef Mami - 99,00
A lucullan beef noodles soup, with pickled traditionally braised premium cut beef cubes, seasoned to taste with a choice of fine selected authentic herbs & spices, noodles „Al dente", fortified in a rich creamy beef soup, added with Pechay, onion leeks and red chili pepper

Royal Beef Siu Mai Mami - 119,00
Sumptuous beef noodles soup, with Siu Mai & pickled premium cut beef cubes, traditionally braised & mildly flavored with a choice of fine selected herbs & spices, noodles „Al dente", fortified in a rich creamy beef soup, added with Pechay, onion leeks and red chili pepper

Lumpiang SHANGHAI Filipino Spring Roll - 12.00 per piece
Traditionally made deep-fried ground pork with minced onions, finely chopped carrots and seasoning all rolled up in a paper thin lumpiang shanghai wrapper, served with sweet and sour sauce

Lumpia Kiddy Crunch - 8.00 per piece
Just deep-fried ground pork, with a distinct taste of celery wrapped in lumpiang shanghai wrapper served with sweet and sour sauce

Viennese Style Schnitzel Boneless pork chop - 195.00
Butterfly cutted pok shop, wallowed in a dip of egg yolk, milk with selected spices & breadcrumbs, on the point pan-fried in simmered oil, served with French fries, tomato, cucumber, calamansi slices & the infamous Utah fry sauce, a real must with fries. Just crunchy & yummy!

Zigeunerschnitzel Gypsy Style Schnitzel Bonel. pork chop - 225.00
Butterfly cutted pok shop, pan-fried, topped with a piquant sauce of sautéd chopped onion & garlic, tomato paste, ground paprika, cayenne powder & bell pepper slices, thickened with its own juice, seasoned artfully, served with French fries, tomato, cucumber slices

Rissole German Beefsteak - 225.00
Half & half - pork & beef mincemeat, season to taste with many fine selected spices, onions, garlic & bread crumbs, slowly fried in a cast iron skillet, served with French fries, tomato & cucumber slices, honored with Creole mustard. Who eats it once always returns back


Chicken Sinigang Sinigang na Manok - 79.00
Chopped native chicken pieces boiled for a long time, before simmered with sitaw, kangkong, eggplant slices & okra, mixed with onion, tomatoes, cloves of garlic, tamarind, ginger & fine selected flavoring. A traditional delicacy

Fish Sinigang Sinigang na Bangus - 79.00
Sliced pieces of Bangus (Milkfish) simmered in a freshly made vegetable soup with selected tomatoes, kangkong leaves or Chinese bok choy, white radish labanos, tamarind & onions, fine balanced with fish sauce, picked herbs & spices

Shrimp Sinigang Sinigang na Hipon - 89.00
Freshly caught shrimp seethed on the point with fresh tamarind, onions, tomatoes, sitaw, long green pepper, radish and added kangkong leaves, fine balanced with selected seasonings. A real mouthwatering dish

Tinolang Manok Opo Squash & Ginger Chicken Soup - 89.00
Lightly browned native chicken pieces, sauté in a fully aromatic blend of garlic, ginger & onions, simmered for long hours to extract its natural flavor, chopped Upo Squash, Pechay, seasoned to taste with selected herbs & spices, served with a combo of soy, fish & calamansi sauce

Calamansi Sauce Pork Sinigang Sinigang na Baboy - 79.00
Lightly browned Pork Belly pieces, tender sauté in a medley of fish sauce and the lemon juice, with fresh string beans, onions, okra, taro root, eggplant, and bok choy seasoned to taste with banana pepper & soy sauce

Side order

Plain Rice - 25,00
Garlic Rice with Egg - 45,00
Garlic Rice - 30,00
Fried Rice   - 35,00

Potatoes - 75,00
French Fries - 75,00
Chips - 85,00
Fried Potatoes - 75,00
Baked Potatoes - 95,00

Broccoli - 35,00
Carrots - 35,00
Buttered Vegetables - 45,00
Papaya Salad - Atsara - 25,00
Bagiuo Beans - 35,00
Eggplant - Talong - 35,00

Cucumber - Pepino - 25,00
Tomato Salad - 25,00